When I first started investing in property I literally traveled the country in the search for good investment areas.


I think overwhelming of strategies and investment areas is common among new investors. Considerations are location, if your self managing you want your investment area to be in a close proximity for maintenance issues, will the properties cash flow and also capital growth. These are all important and very relevant things to consider.


My first purchases were in Sheffield as I feel this is a great market and has a lot of potential.


Property investing in Sheffield.

Property investing in Sheffield offers real opportunity. Being one of the major cities in the UK with a population of around 550,000 people and growing steadily which increases demand for rental property and people purchasing new houses. What else makes Sheffield a great investment area is that it offers a mix of investment strategies in different markets. It has 2 universities with over 50,000 students and a growing demand for social and private rented housing.


Before making any investment we always do our due diligence on the property, location, demand, figures and tenant profile. This is very Important before committing to any property.


My mission is to help people to achieve good returns through property investment, this maybe on a short term basis where the individual may want there money out sooner so the buy, refurbish/develop and sell method would be suitable. Or if the client wants a longer term investment to enjoy the capital appreciation as well as cash flow building a sustainable portfolio would be the better route. There could also be opportunities to purchase properties together with us which can also be discussed. There are different ways we can structure the investments it really depends on the clients appetite and what their looking to achieve, whatever that maybe we can certainly help.
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